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  • I’m neither American, European, Russian, nor Chinese, and have no clear vested interest in any if them. Seeing how Americans view China as the “big evil” from the outside is just mind-boggling. Most of the bad stuff you think China did, they didn’t. Some of the terrible stuff they did, the US did as well. They do have a bad side that the US doesn’t have, but the US does some things worse than China.

    Now its easy for the naive to just reply “whataboutism” to my comment and move on. But what I’m trying to say is that the world isn’t black and white. The US isn’t the “good guys”, no one is. Take a look at some communities on Lemmygrad. You might change some of your views.

  • HackerNews has an interesting approach: You can’t downvote comments unless you reach a certain amount of “Karma”, and you can’t downvote posts at all, you can “flag” them, meaning you think they don’t belong here. Flagging doesn’t affect the vote count, but massive flagging does make the post appear lower in the feed, and alerts mods.

    This, alongside the tight moderation and zero-tolerance towards flame wars in the comments makes HackerNews one of the best places on the internet imho.